6 Super Ways To Live A Tension Free College Life

6 Super Ways To Live A Tension Free College Life

We either experience psychological stress or physical stress during college life. Being physically stressed out might not be as devastating as being mentally tensed. When your energy level drops down and the level of tension escalates, then that is the moment that you need to take certain necessary actions to outdo the mounting stress. Here we present you with a few stress busters that could help you in living a stress free college life, to an extent.

Charge Up With Sufficient Sleep:

Depression, obesity as well as diabetes are a result of lack of sleep. Yes, you read it right. It might seem okay to pull an all-nighter and then attend college from 8 to onwards, with half-open half closed eyes. But this is not how our bodies are supposed to work. Every college going student must get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep if they need to stay active and less lethargic.


Yoga is usually suggested to people who feel stressed out and need to put two and two together. The same is for students, and when you meditate, you exhale all the negativity and stress from within and inhale all the positivity inside. You will not only feel lighter but fresher as well.

Eat Healthy:

You are what you eat, it is true especially for people who prefer junk over healthy, vending machines over their home-cooked meals. Yes, a student’s life is stressful, but it owes much of it to the stress that results due to eating unhealthy. Never skip breakfast, no matter how late you are, and take minimum three meals a day, comprising of vegetables, fruits and necessary proteins.

Work Out:

Not everyone gets enough time to go to a gym on a regular basis, especially when they have tests and many assignments to complete. But a little walk can also do wonders. To be more active, try walking to the campus rather than taking a ride, use the stairs instead of an elevator. The end result would be a healthy mind as well as a healthier body.

Seek Emotional Support:

College life takes a toll on the best of each one of us. A student must seek some emotional support in a trusted friend or family member and share their issues with them. You never know that they might give you a valuable advice to go about your college life. Never keep the stress bottled inside.

Prioritize Your Passions And Goals:

Having some time reserved each week for a passion or hobby that you enjoy doing is a must and gives you that “ME TIME’ that you rightly deserve. Therefore, ensure to be goal oriented side by side while giving time to your dreams and passions as well.

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